What’s PLE again?

At the beginning of this PLENK2010 MOOC, I was very negative about the perceived ‘freedom’ of one in his/her Personal Learning Environment. And now, even though I am still critical of the whole PLE idea, I cannot deny the fact that it has definitely influenced both my belief and approach to teaching (and learning). To me, this MOOC is one event in which I’ve found myself learning a lot on my own through exchange and critique of ideas.

I believe the minimal direction provided in the MOOC, though frustrating at times, provides an excellent breeding ground for questions and offering of diversity of ideas.

Before this MOOC, I was totally unaware of the existence of many free web-based tools that I could use to improve what I do in the classroom. I was aware of blogs and twitter but tools such as SNAPP, I think I must thank George Siemens. Though I am still bounded within the walls of my LMS, I feel more liberated just by knowing that I could do a lot more if I am outside the boundary. This is just the second week in this MOOC and I think, I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff. I am looking forward to the last week.

I think I have a better picture of my PLE now.


About Vilimaka on cruiselyna
Science teacher educator. Online teaching and learning. Use of web-based technologies in education.

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