The other half PLEs

Just a while ago, I read The eXtended Web and the Personal Learning Environment by Rita Kop in which she discusses three issues that she found important in regards to Xweb (the future of Web2.0 and Web3.0) and its implications for education and learning.

In discussing the issue of Access to technology, Rita highlights a point that really strikes me:

I have followed the trends in access and digital divides over the past six years; in haves and have-nots being able to access technology, and it is true that more than half the population of countries such as the UK now have access to technology, broadband and the Internet. It still means that millions don’t have access and don’t use the Internet. There are reasons for their non-participation. Some are related to age and socio-economic group, but some are also related to relevance, confidence and skills set. Clearly the most vulnerable people in society and the people who could benefit from access through cheaper bills and access to social services are also the people not using it.

The people least likely to use the Internet are also the least likely to participate in adult education. And I haven’t even spoken about the people on the southern half of the globe, where the access and participation rate to technology and learning is even lower and the group of vulnerable people greater. Should we just leave these people behind?                                                                                                                                                                              (Rita Kop)
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