Screencasting with Screenr

Screenr is a cool and easy to use tool that anyone can use to record what is on his or her computer screen. Narration of one’s screen activity can be also recorded using a microphone. Screenr is actually a screencasting tool for Twitter.

When I first came across this tool in Twitter, I was thinking about the possibility of it being used to record and produce tutorial and lecture videos for my students. In the past year, I was using Camtasia Studio to do this. Camtasia is a good tool but it’s not free. Screenr is FREE!

When I tried Screenr out for the first time, I soon realised another major difference between it and Camtasia – Screenr is quite simple to use! Way much simpler!

Videos are heavy files, and therefore I like the fact that Screenr limits all recordings to only 5 minutes. This will help to ensure that not only playback is smooth but videos are also focused and contain only the most important messages and information.

 As mentioned before, Screenr is actually a screencasting tool for Twitter. Students can sign up for a Twitter account and they can receive these short videos in their iPhones. Alternatively, these videos can be embedded in our Moodle course page (as shown here).

You should try it out. Go to the ScreenrHelp page if you want to know more about this tool.


About Vilimaka on cruiselyna
Science teacher educator. Online teaching and learning. Use of web-based technologies in education.

3 Responses to Screencasting with Screenr

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  2. wiramwak7 says:

    Hello Vilimaka,

    Thank you for sharing this kind of recording tool for computer screen. This is a very good tool …now I will able to make some video tutorials for my young brothers on how to use a computer including how to do a research in the internet.


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