Issuu with Youblisher

Modern online publication tools are making reading online materials an experience that anyone can enjoy and look forward to. In the past week, I’ve been exploring two of these tools: Issuu and Youblisher.

Issuu is a web-based tool that makes realistic and customizable viewing of online documents and books possible. Materials which can be uploaded to Issuu are PDFs, MS Word documents, or MS Power Point files. The result is a truly stunning super sleek online Flash e-book that one can actually flip through.

Issuu’s Flash media viewer presents the content of any document like a real magazine as the page flips with a click of the mouse. Gone are the days of having to scroll down and up the page. With Issuu, the experience of reading online has become more enjoyable.

Issuu e-books can be made private or public. When public viewing is enabled, one can also decide whether or not the original document is downloadable.

A URL link and an embed code which comes with every Issue e-book make sharing easy on social networking sites such as blogs and Facebook.

Below is an e-book published using Issuu.

Youblisher is similar to Issuu but it has gone one step further into visually reproducing the experience of reading a book in real life.

With Youblisher, not only you can see the corner of the page curls when it is about to flip, but, provided that your speakers are on, you can also hear the page flipping!  Like Issuu, there is no scrolling up or down the page. You, instead hear the page flipping at the click of the mouse. Youblisher makes reading online fun as you look forward to flipping the page again!

To publish in Youblisher, your materials must be PDFs. Uploading of documents is easy and preparing your publication involves only 3 short steps.

Below is the same e-book above published using Youblisher.

Teacher Observation Form

Like Issuu, a Youblisher e-book comes with a URL and an embed code which facilitate sharing.

Both of these tools are FREE.


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