The Nasese continuous lightning

It was about 1 – 3 am, Monday 6th December, 2010 that I saw a continuous lightning coming from the Southeastern skies of Suva, Fiji.  It was a very warm night and apart from the clouds at the SE horizon, the sky above was relatively clear . This was the first time for me to witness such an event, so I picked up my camera, went out of the house and recorded the video below.

This odd event probably went on  for more than an hour as I was still able to see the flashes when I went to bed at about 3am.  The strangeness of this event has forced me to visit the recording in Vimeo 6 months after I had uploaded it there.

This continuous lightning event is unique for a number of reasons. First, it consisted of continuous flashes which went on unceasingly for more than an hour.  This means that there were a lot of electrical charges being built up in the  clouds of SE skies.  Secondly, there were no accompanying thunder. Since it is impossible to have lightning without thunder, it is therefore very likely that these lightning bolts were very far away.

A few searches in Google has taught me that this type of continuous lightning is not that uncommon at all. It has been observed in other parts of the world, and the most famous of these continuous lightning events, dubbed as the Maracaibo Beacon, has been for centuries used as a navigational aid by the fishermen of Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela, South America.